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Elite Camps, European Academies and Talent ID Sessions

At Selten, we work with actual, current, elite and world renown European coaches and players to train talented athletes who look to be exposed to this level of competitive soccer training. We do so by offering the following:

  • Elite Camps: we bring coaches from the highest levels of the game to train US based athletes. We travel from Denver to Houston to Dallas and other American cities featuring coaches you can see on TV at European match. Click here to learn more about our upcoming camps.
  • European Academies: we work with European academies who are looking to enter the US and establish their brand and differentiation in the American market or are looking to select American players to join their programs in Europe. Similarly, we work with US clubs who are looking to expose their players to competitive European environments by offering specific training and matches during a set period.
  • Talent ID Sessions: all these offerings evolve around player assessment, evaluation, and identification with the goal to expose to the right team at the right time, particularly in Europe. Click here to learn more about our upcoming Talent ID Session.

Player Analysis

Does the player play with both legs? How many touches per leg per game? How much area does she/he cover? Speed? Reaction time? Jump? 50/50 ball? Positioning off the ball? Is there a personality match between the player and the team, the culture, the environment? Heat maps comparisons and much more are needed to make the proper assessments and decisions. Watching highlight videos and being on site watching a player play are just one part of the information a coach needs to make inform decisions before signing someone up.

At Selten, we have a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals analysts that understand the level of requirements to play US college and European levels. If you are a professional team looking for a specific US player type or if you are a European based player looking to come to the US to play at a college level, please contact us so you can learn more about what we offer for player analysis.

Player Representation

If you are 18 years old or older and you are looking to play in Europe, we have an extended network of coaches, and collaborators we work with to place players with the right teams. Please contact us to learn more.

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