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About the event

What Is Selten Sports?​

Selten Sports (“Selten”) is part of the Selten Group of companies.

At Selten, our purpose is to connect young, talented US soccer players with key decision makers in Europe to facilitate their transition into professional level teams. We do this through our events and agency services.

We are pleased to be the organizers of this event as it is the first time a current professional Soccer Coach at the highest elite level (Inter Milan) will be conducting these type of training and talent ID sessions in Denver.

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Boy Playing Soccer Selten Sports Academy

What is included in this Selten event?

This particular event is sponsored and organized in its entirety by Selten. We have no affiliation with any club in the US or in Europe.

The event will take place from June 19th to June 23th at Aurora Sports Park in Denver, Colorado.

This is an Elite Training Camp designed boys and girls from age 12 years old and above who currently play competitive (ECNL, Academy or similar) soccer. 

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What are your safety protocols regarding COVID?

This Denver Soccer camp will follow local and CDC regarding COVID, if at all applicable.

The safety and wellbeing of the participants is what matters the most to us, as such self-reporting in case of symptoms and general hygiene will be expected. 

Masks will be recommended for those who may need to wear them. 

What Exactly is FootbalLab?

FootbalLab is Rita’s Soccer Academy in Italy. Rita is an iconic figure in the World of Soccer. Her academy has trained thousands of young and professional athletes in Europe, Africa and the United States. 

Read below for more information on Rita and her staff.

Team Members

Who is Rita Guarino?

Rita Guarino

Founder at FootbalLab

Rita Guarino is an Italian professional football manager and former player who today is the current manager of legendary Italian club INTER MILAN Women, first team, Serie A.

She previously coached JUVENTUS FC and played for the Italy national team as a striker. Throughout her career she played as a striker for Juventus, Torino, Reggiana, Fiammamonza, Torres, Lazio and Foroni Verona in Serie A, and Maryland Pride in the W-League.

She was a member of the Italian National Team that took part in the 1991 and 1999 World Cups, and in the 1993, 1997 and 2001 European Championships. 

She scored Italy’s last goal in the 1991 World Cup, forcing the extra time in the quarterfinals against Norway. She again scored a goal against Norway in the 2001 Euro. Click here to watch an interview with Rita.

Since 2015, Guarino has served as Italy’s under-17 National Team’s assistant manager and Manager of Football – Individual Training System. 

On 16 June 2017, Guarino was appointed Head Coach of Juventus Women. Rita is the first ever woman to coach at Juventus Serie A level. She led the team to their first ever Scudetto (Championship).  Both Juventus and Brescia finished the season tied at 60 points at the top of the League thus making a tie-breaker necessary. On 20 May 2018 in Novara, Juventus beat Brescia 5–4 at penalty shoot-out winning the championship following their debut season in the league. 

Rita has a degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Sports  Psychology

Who else will be joining Rita during this event?

Marta Carissimi is a former Italian Football Midfielder. She played over 300 caps in Serie A (Top Italian League) for ACF Torino, AGSM Verona, Inter Milan, ACF Fiorentina and A.C. Milan Women where she retired in June 2020. She played also in Stjarnan of Iceland.

Marta has also played the UEFA Champions League in multiple occasions.

Marta played for Italy’s National Team (65 caps) and participate to UEFA European Championships in 2009 and 2017.

Marta has a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and a Master’s degree in Law and Management of Sports Facilities.

She has UEFA B coach license and she is the General Manager at FootbalLab.

Today, Marta is a well known figure in the football space, particularly for women. She is a commentator of the DAZN Champions League games and a board member of the Italian Soccer Federation. Click here to watch an interview with Marta.

She will be conducting the camp sessions along with a team of professional coaches coming from Milan and Turin.

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What’s different about FootbalLab than any soccer camp?

FootbalLab is the first Italian Soccer Academy to use training methodologies created from the experiences acquired by its Founder Rita Guarino and her team of coaches. This is competitive soccer camp.

FootbalLab training sessions are conducted by actual coaches who currently train at the highest level of the game in Europe. You may have seen these coaches on TV at a regular season game in Europe.

The continuous training of the coaching staff and their extensive career in the sports allow for an improved training session as well as real-life experience and interaction with students on an individual basis.

This camp is not only to train athletes but also to identify potential players who may have a shot at playing in Europe. Specific player tryouts may be conducted while training sessions take place.

We are pleased to bring FootbalLab to Denver and look forward to having you in one of our training sessions.

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What is the specific methodology that Rita uses at her FootbalLab training?

FootbalLab’s multi-level “Individual Training System” methodology is able to customize and structure football lessons according to the needs and needs of the individual talents.

The strongly psychological aspect of the method allows the player to be confident in their own abilities, implicitly making players feel free to express themselves and their competencies freely.

The methodology used by FootbalLab “Individual Training System” is based on multi-level custom programs. Each student, after carrying out an evaluation (SCOUT) is assigned to a level of learning from which improvement targets are based out of.

The type of courses During a Session can be:

For FootbalLab in Denver, what are the specifics, schedules, organization, structure, etc?

The elite soccer camp is a five-day camp from June 19th to 23rd, 2023.

An initial technical assessment will allow participants to be divided into groups of similar competency levels. Adjustments and players movements from one group to another are to be expected throughout the sessions.

The training will be based on the integration between training processes, analytical learning and skills displayed while playing games.

Training sessions will be structured with specific technical skills of the instructors, allowing each participant to experience different specific soccer aspects of each sessions (shooting, passing, dribbling, positioning, running, etc).

Players can expect the first day to be somewhat slowed as specific skill assessments are done on each individual player. These are the same assessments and training sessions conducted at professional levels. 

Players can also expect the following days to be intense, with lots of playing time and fun.

Specific morning and afternoon sessions as well start and end times will be sent prior to the start of camp to all registered participants.

In general, the camp will run each day from 9 am to 5 pm with different 2- hour time slots assigned to different age groups. For example, 2008-2007 group will train from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

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What happens if there is bad weather?

If inclement weather happens during the camp or tryouts, we will ask field players and staff to leave the field to take shelter while we evaluate weather conditions and forecast.

If the event has to be canceled due to inclement weather conditions, parents will be asked to come to the field and pick up your player. Older players and staff will be asked to leave the field as well. We will keep everyone posted about resuming operations.

What is the Insurance Policy?

As per these types of events, all players must have their own medical coverage and registration is contingent upon this requirement.

Selten only provides excess insurance coverage. Players 18 years old and above and parents of younger players are required and will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment of the player in case of injury.

As part of our terms and conditions, please take this into consideration our refund policy before registering your player for the event. 

Do you offer accommodation to families traveling from out of town?

No, we do not. However, we will be more than happy to assist you with recommendations for places to stay during the camp.

What is the refund policy?

Please note that this camp is reserved for only 150 players. If there are less than 150 players then monies will be refunded. This is due to the logistics involved to bring Rita and her staff from Italy.

Once the event gets underway and for some reason (COVID related issues, and other unforeseen issues) the event gets canceled, or the player/parent cannot attend then the fees paid are non-refundable.  

Please note that this is competitive camp with the idea of identifying talented players that can potentially play in Europe. As part of our terms and conditions, please take all aspects of the refund policy into consideration before registering for the event.

If we can’t make this event, are you planning a different event like this at a later time?

Yes, this is the first of a series of Selten events. All events have the same goal, which is to present talented players to real key decision makers, so they can play at the highest professional levels in Europe.

Selten’s purpose is to bypass the red-tape, bureaucracy, and complicated settings and to bring players, parents and an actual professional coach, decision makers and agent(s) together to accelerate the access to professional soccer in Europe. 

Denver, Houston, Dallas, Miami and San Diego are on our schedule of recurring events.

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Other important information

Click on this link, which will direct you to the registration page.

Registration opens on March 1st, 2023 and closes on April 30th 2023.

No. This event is available for anyone who wants to be trained by a professional coach such as Rita Guarino.

Payment for registration can be made with all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard & Discovery.

Yes, Rita is bringing her GK staff with her, so we will offer specific GK training. It is an amazing GK training program.

  • A FootbalLab jersey will be provided to registered players.
  • Water and snacks will be provided during the event to participating players.
  • Players must bring soccer cleats, shin guards, sunscreen, GK gloves if applicable.